Solar Street Light
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Cost of solar street light?

Solar street light is not only a light, but a combination device that with solar panel, solar charge controller, battery and LED light for sure. It is a off-grid lighting solution, so it will save the expensive cost of cable and other facilities. And due to long life-span advantage, the cost of solar street light is getting cheaper and cheaper during its duty time.If you want to know the detailed offer, please do not hesitate to leave us message or contact us by email.

How to increase the autonomy of solar street light?

TOPOLO solar street light is working with dimming mode, and it is combined with a smart controller and PIR motion sensor. It works out non-motion mode and motion mode. The non-motion mode is a low power consuming mode, it is activated at the mid of unnecessary bright period. And as long as there is motion detected, it will automaticly triggered to 100% bright mode. This is a perfect power balancing technology which increases the autonomy of solar street light.

Why solar street light?

Around the world, people are experiencing the power of solar in their day-to-day lives. As energy from the sun provides a consistent and steady sources of solar power year around, it’s no wonder why this smarter, more sustainable and safer technology being used by both businesses and individuals. So just what are some advantages solar lighting may have?InfrastructureSolar Technology will eliminate the need to upgrade grid connected lighting in the future.  Community infrastructure life is extended whilst offering a low maintenance solution.Avoid UtilitiesSolar Outdoor Technology means you gain control from traditional grid power. Electricity prices continue to rise whilst solar efficiencies continue to make power more affordable.Prepare for the futureAs our world continues to grow, cities need to ensure solar solutions are in place to be truly sustainable.More usesAccessibility challenges are overcome with solar. When environmental or existing infrastructure restricts access and trenching becomes a costing exercise, solar options become a very viable solution.